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Laguna Paikawe - A tiniy Amazonian lake with big birds that are loved by Pedro the owner.

Mashpi-Amagusa Reserve.- The site with the highest Choco Endemic birds in Ecuador.  Visit and see the  Indigo  Flowerpiercer, Moss-backed Tanager, Rose-faced Parrot, and many more.

Pacto Sumaco.-  Best birding option to visit the Sumaco Biosphere National Park and help the local community of Pacto Sumaco.

Isla Corazon offers community owned birdwatching and mangrove tours.  A fantastic place to see mangrove and estuary birds and also help the comunnity of Puerto Portovelo.

Recinto 23 de Junio is a wonderful place to observe the Long-wattled Umbrellabird.  The Umbrellabird and the community need your support to find a way to conserve the habitat.

Refugio Paz de las Aves is the pinnacle of sustainability; your visit will help secure the future of a working project.

Gareno Lodge is a great place to bird in the Amazonian basin.  Their birds will make you want to come back to Ecuador again, and again.  This place is a great example of conservation by cooperation of the Huaoranies with the Lodge.

Cueva de los Tayos.-  This is a great place to see and photograph the Oilbirds close to Mindo.

Pululahua Hostal is the promoter of this Association.


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